Strengthen Your Core at Work

Strengthen Your Core at Work

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Illustration by Tanya Burr

The office isn't the perfect replacement for the gym, but it is a great place to get in some accessory work while hacking through the inbox. Want to challenge the core? All you need is an office swivel chair (and some non-judgmental office mates). Sit upright with your feet hovering over the floor, hold the edge of the desk, and swivel from side to side to challenge the obliques. Try 15 twists in each direction once or twice (hey, maybe even three times!) a day.

The Takeaway: Take a quick work break with some office-friendly core work.

Get Up, Stand Up

Use a sit-stand workstation - or make your own! - for a healthier workday.

Trying a Swiss Ball?

Find out if switching out the chair for a ball is the best move for you.


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