18 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

18 Health and Fitness Resources You May Have Missed

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This week we brought you some new moves to try out at the gym with medicine balls, and some interval training apps to give a whirl. We also figured out what shoes are best for pumping iron. But it's not all about the brawn. This week we learned athletes' brains have a lot to do with their abilities. Though the summer is starting to wrap up (say it isn't so!) the Greatist team filled you in on dreadful sunburns - why we get 'em, and what to do about 'em once they're there. And with some nice summer weather still in the forecast, check out our 20 cities for 20-somethings for possible vacation locations for our post-grad years. - Nicole McDermott.

Illustration by Bob Al-Greene

25 Must-Try Medicine Ball Exercises

Have the balls to try something new? Ditching machines for medicine balls can work the whole body - without the fuss. Here are 25 moves to get the ball rolling on any fitness goal.

14 Reasons the 2012 London Olympics Kicked Ass

Were the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games the best yet? From the rise of women athletes to “Blade Runner,” we break down 14 reasons this year won gold.

Research Shows How to Boost Strength and Mobility

GUEST POST: Chris Beardsley of Strength and Conditioning Research breaks down the latest studies on strength training and exercise - and explains what it means for you.

Which Shoes Are Best for Weight Lifting

Heel drive, foot placement, stability, oh my! Find out which shoes work best for weight training, and why your feet might be ready for a change.

10 Interval Training Mobile Apps to Download Right Now

Heading out for an interval run or Tabata workout? There's an app for that. We've rounded up our favorites apps so anyone can on your mark, get set, and hit go!

Quote: Gabby Douglas Won Gold, Inspired a Generation

U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas won gold at the London Olympic Games. Hear her thoughts on inspiring a generation of would-be Olympians.

Can't Show Olympic Video? Aussie News Team Uses LEGOs

Sick of using still pictures to show-off Olympic highlights, this Australian news team came up with the solution of all solutions.

Brains Plus Brawn: Why Athletes' Brains Matter

What do NBA players and rocket scientists have in common? They're all really smart. Find out why scientists are saying thinking skills matter in sports.


The 20 Best Cities for 20-Somethings

Hot child in the city! Hey all you young professionals, pack up your stuff and hit one of the best cities for you.

26 Healthy Habits That Really Aren't So Healthy

“Take your vitamins, sit up straight, and go for a run.” While these habits may seem like no-brainers, it's time to reevaluate what's actually best for our health.

Healthiest #imagreatist Lunch Swaps

Who knew lunch hours could be so healthy? Apparently our readers did! Check out this week's #imagreatist tips on simple swaps you can make for smarter mid-day plates today.

Recipe: (Super Simple) Fresh Plum Sorbet

This four-ingredient fresh fruit sorbet is sure to satisfy any summertime sweet tooth!

Superfood: Hemp

Hemp seeds may come from the same source as cannabis, but these super seeds are magical in a different way - their extreme nutrition.

What Really Causes a Sunburn (and how to Treat It Fast!)

When we forgo SPF in the great outdoors, most end up with a sunburn. Learn what actually causes the skin to turn that painful shade of red and how to treat it right.

Recipe: Vegetable and Goat Cheese Quesadilla

Try this vegetarian quesadilla for an easy dinner-for-one!

Obesity and Fitness Are Revolutionized by Reddit, Not Doctors

GUEST POST: Fitness entrepreneur gives his thoughts on why the healthcare system is coming up short in battling obesity - and how the Internet can help.

Ultimate Guide to Good Posture at Work Infographic

Hour after hour, it's hard to maintain good posture on the job. But sitting tall can mean a healthy boost from head to toe. Get to know the benefits of good posture on the job - in infographic form.


Stay Happy and Healthy by Eating with Friends

Eating with other people can boost happiness and diminish depression, and it might promote healthier eating choices. Read on to find out why a weekly potluck with friends and family does a person good.