Slam Dunks to Space Jam, Why Michael Jordan is Our Hero [Video]

NBA legend, Michael Jordan, turns 50 tomorrow. He's gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated this week - for the fiftieth time - his Air Jordans are still enormously popular (three out of every four pairs of basketball shoes sold in the U.S. are Jordan), and the dude can fly. While other outlets are focusing on Jordan's athletic achievements during his milestone birthday, we've chosen to talk about his most important role to date: Space Jam.

Since 90s nostalgia is just so darn heart warming, everybody get up, it's time to slam now. Wave your hands in the air if you feel fine, we're gonna take it into overtime. Welcome to the Space Jam, the 1996 animated sports comedy film starring dear friends, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. The Warner Brothers film (that killed it at the box office the same year that Jordan went on to win yet another championship) depicts Jordan's return to basketball after retiring from the NBA.

We likely don't have to break down the movie for you, because duh, we all saw it. But with a plot that included outer space creatures called Nerdlucks, an intergalactic amusement park called Moron Mountain, and a bunch of Looney Tunes characters taking to the court, Space Jam was nothing less than cinematic genius (we're only kind of kidding).

Ugh, we want to be justlike Mike. This weekend why don't we all celebrate the big birthday by dusting off that old Space Jams VHS, and don't forget - be kind, rewind.

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