This Guy Stood up for Bikers By Crashing into Things [VIDEO]

This Guy Stood up for Bikers By Crashing into Things [VIDEO]

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Casey Neistat is just a regular New York City guy trying to “do the world a favor” by riding his bike. Long story short, Neistat got a ticket for riding outside of the bike lane. He thought that was kind of nuts. So he decided to post a video of himself riding in the bike lane no matter what. That meant he ran into a lot of things, including, ironically, a cop car.

A quick look through Neistat's YouTube page shows all kinds of random videos, from hacks to get free stuff, to short films, to demonstrations of how to get more exercise in the office. Neistat, a director and fillmaker, is now using his offbeat style to stand up for bikers all over the world. Is it working? Let us know if you think urban bikers get a fair deal in the comments below.


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