5 Healthy, Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes from Around the Web

5 Healthy, Creative Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes from Around the Web

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In my family, the day after Thanksgiving is almost better than the big event itself. Pie for breakfast, turkey sandwiches, and plenty of stuffing for afternoon snacks. But a day or so after the big event, even the most ardent Thanksgiving fan can get sick of leftovers. Here's where we come in. This year, we're setting you up with five foolproof, tasty, inventive recipes to help work your way through that mountain of Tupperware containers. From soup to pizza to biscuits, you've probably never thought about your Thanksgiving leftovers like this before.

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Photo: Aimee / Shugary Sweets

Toss extra veggies, turkey, and a bit of stock with noodles into the pot for this easy, hearty soup. Since the recipe is pretty simple, feel free to add extra fixings like roasted potatoes, vegetables, or corn. Serve with a soon-to-be-stale dinner roll or piece of cornbread.

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Need to reboot your healthy diet after a day of gluttony? Look no further than this healthy, light breakfast (or lunch) option. Made with eggs, spinach, leftover turkey, and just a smidgen of mozzarella cheese, this savory meal will get you back on track, stat.

Share on PinterestPhoto: Brandie / Home Cooking Memories

This recipe is so ingenious we just had to share it. Take your leftover sweet potato casserole (yep, the kind with the marshmallow topping) and turn it into crunchy, slightly-sweet biscuits that are perfect for breakfast. Regular old mashed sweet potatoes work fine, too.

Share on PinterestPhoto: Emily Caruso / Jelly Toast

Think outside the box this year with this clever, creative way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers. Roll out a whole-wheat pizza crust, go to town with the leftover toppings, and bake. You can top your 'za with whatever's in the fridge, but we recommend going easy on the potatoes and cheese and adding some veggies instead.

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Last but not least, this monster of a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich will put your deli hobgobbler to shame. With layers of cranberry sauce, turkey, melty brie cheese, and avocado it's rich, decadent, and totally delicious. Make it a wee bit healthier by going easy on the cheese.

What's your favorite thing to make with Thanksgiving leftovers? Share your recipe in the comments below or get in touch on Twitter @SophBreene.