The Best Holiday Gifts Under $25

The Best Holiday Gifts Under $25

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As much as we love the holiday season (the twinkling lights, the rosy cheeks, and of course, the red and green aisle at CVS), buying gifts for everyone we know and love isn't exactly cheap. But that doesn't mean we want to skimp on quality-we have a reputation to uphold. So we sorted through all the kitsch to find 20 thoughtful and memorable gifts under $25.

Food and Drink

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1. Black+Blum Sandwich On Board

Step anyone's sandwich game up a notch with this genius container-cum-cutting board. The lunch box is the perfect solution to avoid soggy sandwiches-just pack the tomato (or any other juicy ingredients) separately and slice it at your desk for ultimate freshness. ($21;

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2. Corkcicle Air

Stop the travesty that is lukewarm white wine with this icicle-shaped contraption. Keep it in the freezer, and when you uncork a new bottle, use it to keep the wine the perfect temp for hours. It functions as a pourer and aerator too. The only thing that could make it better would be an accompanying bottle of wine. ($24.95;

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3. Snowflake Ice Tray

Ice molds are big this holiday season, and while we saw Buddha, gem, and diamond varieties, our favorite is this classic snowflake tray. It's festive for the holidays but also works the rest of the year (ice doesn't go out of style). This mold is really the gift that keeps on giving-as long as you refill it. ($14;

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4. Quirky Nibble Cake Pan

This is for the impatient people on your list. Save them the pain of slaving away on a cake, only to have to wait even longer to get a taste of the goods. With this mini-me in the mix, they'll get a sample to make sure everything is as delicious as expected without cutting into the final product. ($19.99;

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5. Zing Anything Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

If flavored water is your thing, you need this in your life. The built-in juicer is the perfect size for lemons, limes, oranges, and clementines. You can even add fresh herbs to the bottom compartment for bolder flavors. Zing it loud, zing it proud, stay hydrated.($15.95;

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6. Sit, Stay, Brew Tea Infuser

Sure, there are dog people and there are cat people, but we dare you to find someone who wouldn't love this pug perched on the side of their glass, making them a cup of tea. It's one of the easiest ways to add a dose of happiness to your day. ($14.99;

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7. Inspiralized Cookbook

If anyone on your list, like us, picked up a spiralizer a few months ago, chances are they've been enjoying the same two zucchini dishes ever since (guilty as charged). Help them branch out with this cookbook that's packed with great ideas for easy, low-carb meals.($19.99;

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8. Super Smoothies

This deck breaks down smoothie recipes by situation (heading to the gym, in a rush, or craving dessert), which is to say it's perfect for the person with a packed Gcal. The 50 vegan smoothie recipes make it easy to eat clean, shake up your routine, and still get where you need to be. ($19.95;

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9. Crayum Batter Crayon

Saturday morning pancakes just got better. For the friend whose brunch love knows no bounds, help them spice up the standard flapjack with this Picasso-making batter crayon. ($10;

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10. WINE'O Bottle Bag

This is the must-have gift for all of the laidback nerds on your list. They'll appreciate the low-key faux paper bag exterior while loving the technology that secretly keeps their wine the perfect temperature. Effortlessly cool, literally. ($10;

House and Home

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11. Moby Stapler

Cute and funny, this whale stapler will brighten up anyone's day with a quick chomp of paper (which isn't a sentence we get to write very often). It's perfect for anyone who has dreams about trips to the office supply mecca that is Staples. ($19;

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12. Weekend Plant Feeders

We all have that friend who got a plant to show they can take care of something (besides themselves), but underestimated what it took to keep it alive. This feeder is the perfect out: Stocked with three days of water, it allows you and your bud to head out for a weekend vacation, learn a little about yourselves, and be back before the plant dies. ($15;

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13. Heart of Gold

We do love a good pun. Sure, this plush (and mostly anatomically correct) heart is more self-aware than a regular stuffed animal, but it's equally squishy when you're watching a scary movie, which is really all that matters. ($24;

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14. Mod Metal Planter

Succulents are the perfect plant, especially for those of us without green thumbs. But store-bought, clay-colored containers don't always do them justice. Give that cacti the aesthetic it deserves with this luxurious golden planter. ($10;

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15. Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

This is for your Internet friend. The squirrel feeder works just like a bird feeder, but for that far peskier animal. We can't look at it without laughing, and it'll be sure to bring joy into anyone's life. Last resort? Perhaps. Best solution? Definitely. ($15;

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16. The End Bookend

The ideal gift for the slow-but-steady furnisher, bookends are a quick and easy way to add a touch of class to any home. We love these for a dose of comic relief-knocking down the pretension level of any bookcase, even those containing Infinite Jest. ($18;


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17. Portable Phone Charger

It's a harsh fact of modern life that few phones can hold a charge for longer than 12 minutes-OK, we're exaggerating, but only a little. Luckily, external chargers exist. And when the night is long, chargers sparse, and Ubers necessary, this gift comes in handy. It doesn't hurt that it's sleek, portable, and encased in an Insta-worthy marble exterior. ($24;

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18. Paperback

Love technology but hate it at the same time? Sick and tired of turning on your phone to look at your grocery list app, all the while wasting precious battery? Well have we got the present for you: a notepad that adheres to the back of your smartphone. Sometimes a handwritten list is the way to go. ($7.95;

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19. Goldie CableKeeps

Why is it that the cord to your phone charger always seems to find its way to the floor, just waiting to be stepped on and broken? This handy product slips on the charger to keep the cord out of harm's way. ($13;

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20. Super-Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens

Anyone can create a masterpiece out of farmer's market strawberries or ocean waves with this handy tool. Just slip the attachment over your phone's lens and see things in a whole new (wide) angle. Bonus: You won't have to stand on a chair at brunch to get that perfect angle. That's not you anymore. ($20;


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