How to Cook Salmon: Tips and Tricks That'll Make You Feel Like a Chef

How to Cook Salmon: Tips and Tricks That'll Make You Feel Like a Chef

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Maybe you've always loved salmon and you order it at restaurants (or weddings) any chance you get. Or maybe you've only recently realized how amazing it tastes. But you don't make it at home.

Cooking salmon has always seemed slightly intimidating - too fancy-pants to chance in your own kitchen.

Get ready to flip that old script. You'll be amazed at how unbelievably simple it is to cook, either in the oven or on the stove. All you need are a few pantry staples (olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, and a lemon) plus a salmon fillet (about 6 to 8 ounces).

Salmon is incredibly good for our hearts, brains, and skin. And speaking of skin, yes, you can eat salmon skin.

One tip: Go for wild Pacific salmon if possible. It might be a smidge pricier than farmed Atlantic (the most contaminated type) or wild Atlantic (less contaminated than farmed but not as good as Pacific).

Wild salmon tastes better than farmed and has less saturated fat and sodium and more calcium, iron and potassium.

Another tip: Buy your fish from a quality place. You want to know that the store moves that fish and it's as fresh as something that lives in an ocean can be. Don't be afraid to ask questions and give the fish the sniff test. (It shouldn't smell too fishy.)

Once you've picked up your fish, click one of the healthy cooking methods below for a ridiculously easy and tasty homemade meal worthy of a chef.

How to Cook Salmon in the Oven

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How to Cook Salmon on the Stove

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