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5 Healthy Pumpkin Bread Recipes That Hit the Sweet Spot

A riddle for you: What's the perfect fall accessory that's guaranteed to make you feel warm inside and out? The answer: sweaters-and also these pumpkin bread recipes. The mostly health-conscious loaves will have you celebrating the cooler weather and fall foliage (even if you still need to find your own pile of leaves to jump in).
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Turn Down the Heat to Ease Pain

Photo by Ben Draper Achy muscles are the worst, and we've tried almost everything - including heat and ice - to get rid of them. Ice therapy, technically known as cryotherapy, seems to have more scientific support in its corner, though. Studies show that an ice bath that's at least 5 minutes long can reduce muscle soreness by up to 20 percent.
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Zesty Beet Smoothie

If there ever was a drink that danced perfectly on the line between sweet and savory, this would be it. Full of beets, cucumber, and lemon, it may not seem like your typical morning beverage, but the earthy taste is unexpectedly pleasing-and quite the wake-up call (in a good way). For those who need a touch of sweetness, add half an apple.
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26 Quick and Easy Dinners Ready in 15 Minutes or Less

You might like 52 Healthy Meals in 12 Minutes or Less We've all been there: You're home late from work, bordering on hangry-if you don't have a meal in less than 20 minutes, you might go into Hulk mode. You think your only quick-fix options are delivery (which starts to cut into your budget) or a frozen entrée (which never seems to satisfy).
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#imagreatist Healthy Eats from Around the Web

This week on Twitter, greatists inspired us to have tea, try new smoothie recipes, and go meatless. Hopefully you'll make a healthier choice for your body, too! What #imagreatist foods are you making? Share with us in the comments below or join us on Twitter @greatist.
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